You have no useful information or loss of overview due to information overload?

  • A large number of publications by insolvency courts
  • Sometimes procedural information from the insolvency administrators
  • Sometimes publications by the press and other bodies
  • Or sometimes even no information whatsoever

That is what you’ll find if you want to keep informed on insolvency proceedings in Germany. Conducting your own research is very expensive.

Let us help you shift out the correct and important information

Insolvency data in figures

Annual decisions


Insolvency proceedings from this year


Insolvency administrators


Insolvency courts

Insolvency information custom-tailored for you

Organization and overview

Organizing the wealth of information, linking it together, and presenting it clearly to provide a quick overview – that’s what the insolvency portal is all about.

For all involved parties

As a central information platform on the topic of “insolvency proceedings”, all parties to an insolvency proceeding can find all the necessary information and services summarized at one location.

Less costs

Quick access to relevant information and automatic notifications dramatically reduce your effort expended while searching for information on insolvency proceedings.

Some functions at a glance

What does the insolvency portal offer you?

In contrast to the publications, we provide you with a variety of filter and search options.

Anders als die öffentlichen Bekanntmachungen bereiten wir sämtliche Daten in einer übersichtlichen Online-Akte des Verfahrens auf, die nach und nach durch neue Beschlüsse, neue Informationen des Verwalters oder des Unternehmens oder durch zusätzliche Wirtschaftsdaten ergänzt werden.

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The insolvency portal is suitable for

  • Insolvency creditors
  • Risk managers
  • Receivables managers
  • Insolvency administrators and law firms
  • Distressed M&A
  • HR consultants
  • And many more
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